Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia sends teaching staff to Meru Polytechnic College in Kenya

By Dawit Tadese

Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia sent 8 teaching staff for attachment at Meru National Polytechnic College in Kenya. The teaching staff, who included 6 males and 2 females, undertook attachment in agro-processing, animal production and crop production, thereby contributing to project goals of enhancing regional integration.

The aim of the staff exchange program among EASTRIP beneficiary countries is to share experiences that lead to greater creativity, more innovation, and better performance for instructors.

The EASTRIP Staff exchange program provides opportunities for qualified staff to teach at accredited Regional Flagship TVET Institutes, as part of project implementation. Once they return to their home countries, the teachers use the knowledge and experience acquired to improve teaching and learning in their own institutes and colleges.

The teaching staff sent to Meru National Polytechnic College in Kenya as part of the staff exchange successfully concluded their attachment and returned to Holeta Polytechnic where they will integrate their knowledge and experience to improve teaching and learning at the college.

Some of the most common benefits of attending an exchange program include:

  • A better understanding of other cultures.
  • Enhanced language skills
  • Developing new pedagogy ideas
  • Brining international perspective to classrooms and schools
  • Exposure to different education systems and assessment methods
  • Building an international network.

The Writer is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for EASTRIP at Holeta Polytechnic College

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