Holeta Polytechnic College Administration

Holeta Polytechnic College (HPC) administration is responsible for the strategic vision for the College. The higher administration body and decision maker of the College is the Board consisting of different representative from relevant sector offices as a key members chaired by the mayor of the town. Next to the Board, the College management members are responsible for all activities performed in the College. The College is led by the Dean, two vice deans, one satellite coordinator, four supportive team leaders, one gender focal person and one ethical and anti-corruption focal person.

The college has both core and supportive processes. The core processes of the college include Vice Dean, Outcome Based Education and Training (OBT) mainly consists of Training Staff; Vice Dean, Industry Extension &Technology Transfer (IE &TT) which consists of Training Staff; and Satellite Coordinator (Training Staff). These processes are responsible for all activities related to market driven quality outcome-based education and training.

Material supply and Finance Administration Team Leader, Income Generation and Innovation Team Leader, Plan and Information Administration Team Leader and Human Resources Administration Team Leader are under the supportive processes of HPC who are responsible to provide support needed to give quality education and training and outreach activities. Gender and ethical and anti-corruption focal persons are also organized under supportive process to oversee gender sensitivity of HPC and activities delivered as per the rules and regulations respectively. The organogram of HPC is depicted in the following figure.