Outcome based training unit (OBTU) is one, among the six service delivery units of Holeta Polytechnic College which plays a major role to provide demand driven quality trainings in short and long term programs. Prior to the enrollment of the trainees, the unit undertakes labor market need assessment to decide the training program to be delivered in the college every academic year. Similarly, to know where about the graduates of the college tracer study is also taking place which can be taken as check and balance of market need and employment of the graduates.

The outcome based training is delivered both in long term and short term program based occupational standard prepared at national lever by industries. The Occupational Standards serve the function of the national standard that details the occupational requirements in terms of competencies. It describes the competencies that an individual must possess to be able to perform and be productive in the world of work. Once all these competencies are identified and defined, the OS is packaged and matched with the National TVET Qualification Framework (NTQF).

Module curricula and teaching, learning and training materials (TTLM) with which trainings are provided are prepared by the college instructors. Currently, the college has resourceful instructors in its center of excellence program (agro-processing) and flagship programs capable of developing these training materials which are used to deliver training in the college and distributed to other colleges found acrossthe country.

The training is delivered in the college (on the existing workshop, laboratories, farms, demonstration sites) and in industries through cooperative trainings. The college has signed MoUs with more than 30 small, medium and large enterprises with whom the cooperative trainings is taking place. In the context of our college cooperative training is a major training modality which has been practiced since the outcome based training was implemented.

After the accomplishment of every level the Certificate of competency (CoC) exam is given for the trainees which is considered as quality assurance of the training provided by the college. The responsible body for this exam is Oromia CoC Agency which carry out the assessment in our campus when our trainees successfully accomplish the training. The assessment can be given also for external customers by the facilitation of OBTU since the college is accredited as assessment center for CoC