HPC has the following levele programs under each departments

Level I programs

Skill, knowledge and attitude acquired under these programs are:

Knowledge: Demonstrates a narrow range of basic operational knowledge and cognitive skills for everyday life, further learning and initial work

Skill: Can carry out processes that are familiar and limited in range, demonstrating basic technical and communication skills using basic tools

Attitudes: Completes directed tasks that are repetitive and predictable in highly structured and stable contexts within narrow parameters and under close supervision.

Level II programs

  • The knowledge acquired during at these level are Demonstrates basic operational, factual and procedural knowledge in specific fields and ability to use and interpret relevant information
  • The skill gained in these program are Demonstrates ability to undertake defined activities using a moderate range of practical, cognitive and communication skills and tools to apply known solutions to solve familiar problems.
  • The trainees develop the attitude of working on routine tasks in predictable and structured contexts under moderate supervision, demonstrating limited judgement and some responsibility for quality and quantity of output.

Level III programs

Knowledge Acquired: Demonstrates a broad knowledge base in a specific area, incorporating technical concepts, and ability to analyse information and make informed judgements

Skill Developed: Applies a range of cognitive, technical and communication skills, using appropriate tools to solve a limited range of predictable and unpredictable problems

Attitudes Developed: Shows ability for self-direction, requiring supervision in known and moderately changing contexts, within established parameters, and individual and shared responsibility for group outcomes.

Level IV programs

Knowledge Acquired:Demonstrates a broad knowledge base with substantial depth in some areas, ability to analyses information, apply key principles, theoretical concepts and abstract thinking

Skill Developed: Applies a broad range of professional and technical and skills, use appropriate tools, methods and technologies to determine solutions to both predictable and unfamiliar problems, in variable contexts

Attitudes Developed: Works independently as a role model under broad guiding principles in diversified contexts, within established parameters, exercising autonomy for planning, supervising evaluating and reflecting on own work and the work of others and group outcomes.

Level V programs

Knowledge Acquired:Demonstrates considerable depth of knowledge in one or more area(s); and ability to collect, collate, analyses and synthesize a wide range of relevant technical information

Skill Developed: Demonstrates ability to select and apply considerable depth of knowledge, tools and technical and communication skills in variable contexts and formulate appropriate responses to unpredictable and complex problems

Attitudes Developed: Manages resources, processes and routine and non-routine activities in vocational and/or professional settings and works with substantial accountability for personal and group outcomes in contexts that are subject to change.