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About the Holeta Satellite Campus

The Holeta Campus was established in 2009 E.C by the collaboration of Federal Technical Vocational Education and Training Institute, Oromia TVET Bureau and Holeta Polytechnic College to produce highly professional and technically efficient TVET teachers and leaders. Based on the MoU signed by the above listed institutions the mission given to the campus was producing technical teachers from C level to B level by Agriculture and Agro-processing departments. The campus started teaching and learning in 2010 E.C by two departments in Agriculture and two department in Agro-process with 106 students and graduated 99 students in 2013 by BSc in Technical Teachers. Now a days the Campus has five Departments namely (Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology, Dairy Processing Technology, Meat Processing Technology, Animal Production Technology and Plant Production Technology. Currently there are about 172 students by the five departments and 7 local lecturers’ and 4 Indian lecturers’ (expatriate) totally 11 lecturers’ are available with different academic profile. The campus has planned to open extension program (weekend, summer and night) with in short period of time.

Although the  Holeta Satellite Campus in collaboration with Holeta Polytechnic College has its own current governance structure, there is a need to restructure its current governance structure and devise a new one that meets its present role as a regional center of excellence that offer internationally recognized diploma and degree programs in  agriculture and agro- Processing. This will require not only investing in facilities like machines, equipment, infrastructure development and teaching facilities to address the objectives of the Centre of excellence, the college will  have also strengthen its governance and management, institutionalize industry linkages, develop and review market-relevant and competency-based training programs, train the managers and teachers of the college, upgrade key training facilities and equipment, and provide support to non-project national TVET colleges. Furthermore, the college will establish teaching-factory workshops, and provide teachers in-service, farmers, and youth training

Hence, the Campus is not only an amazing place to spend unforgettable student years, but it is also a place where students can develop intellectually and get a degree that is respected by employers around the world.

Mr. Ararsa Derara Belemo
TVTI-Holeta Satellite Campus Coordinator


Satellite Campus Staff
Satellite Campus Staff