Holeta Polytechnic College develops learning materials and curriculum for new TVET Porgrammes

Holeta Polytechnic College conducted a workshop to develop Training, Teaching, and Learning Materials (TTLM) and Curriculum. It included developing a comprehensive description of relevant aspects of the TVET Programmes at the polytechnic, including Programme Design and Learning Modules. A plan incorporating a structured series of intended learning outcomes and associated learning experiences. Curricula are based on the applicable Ethiopian Occupational Standard (EOS) the TVET Program is addressing.

Community sensitization workshop

The College also held a Community Sensitization Workshop at the college to increase the understanding level of the community about the benefit of the project and to sensitize properly this project was community property.

The participants selected from people living around the college, Aba Gada, included religious leaders, women and youth, from office of environment, forest and climate change of Holeta Town, Holeta City administration, and Holeta town Education Office



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