Industry Extension Service and Technology Transfer

Industry Extension Service and Technology Transfer of Holeta Polytechnic College as stated in proclamation No 954/2016 in Ethiopian Technical and Vocational Education and Training system play its role in developing the capacity of micro and small enterprises through industry extension services on four industry extension packages of competence-based training on Technical Competency, Entrepreneurial competency, Technological capability, and Quality and productivity improvement competency (KAIZEN)  as a result of which their competitiveness would be enhanced.

Industry extension Services means a modality of services provision to micro and small enterprises, upon identifying and documenting their main problem with a view to build their capacity on the basis of need assessment through training and consultancy, technological development and market linkage, and includes adaptation and transfer of best practices

Implementation of Industry Extension Service and Technology Transfer of the college on four packages

  1. Technical Competence

Identify skill gap
Fill gaps
Assess competence

  1. Entrepreneurial Competence

Develop modules
Fill gaps

  1. Technological capability

Transfer to Micro and small enterprise and farmers

  1. KAIZEN (Quality and Productivity Improvement) :- a system or process of continual improvement in business activities  with the goal to  improve quality of products and services

These Industry Extension Packages brings competitiveness of Micro and Small Enterprises