Level V TVET-Program Training Outcomes

The expected outputs of this program are the acquisition and implementation of the following units of competences:

  • EIS HNS5 01 1221     Research and Review Hardware Technology Options for Organizations
  • EIS HNS5 02 1221     Prepare Disaster Recovery and Contingency Plan
  • EIS HNS5 03 1221     Assist with Policy Development for Client Support
  • EIS HNS5 04 1221     Establish and Maintain Client User Liaison
  • EIS HNS505 1221      Match IT Needs with the Strategic Direction of the Enterprise
  • EIS HNS5 06 1221     Install, Configure and Test Router
  • EIS HNS5 071221      Install and manage complex ICT networks
  • EIS HNS5 08 1221     Plan and Monitor the System Pilot