About Crop Production

Plant sciences form a very important domain in agriculture. At Holeta Polytechnic College, the Plant Sciences department covers abroad range of fundamental aspects of farming. It covers not only cropping systems, but also integrates topics of soil and water conservation, as well as aspects such as human nutrition. Students specializing in Plant sciences at HPTC receive a solid academic background and practical experience in important areas of crop production agriculture.

Besides the indoor laboratory, the Department has a greenhouse and a student plot. This provides students with ample opportunity to get different practical skills in crop production throughout the season. The Plant Science department also offers to students the possibility of generating income through crop production. During their stay in the college, the students learn to be responsible for the production and marketing of their own produce in the future.

To deepen their theoretical and practical skills and to make them familiarize with the real situation of work, students make excursions to visit different research centers, companies, and laboratories in different areas as part of their cooperative training.

The department also has strong linkages with different non-governmental organizations that involve in TVET education. Currently the department has active linkage with SNVHorti –LIFE Project,KFW projectand china AID for shared future Project. These organizations provide laboratorial tools, equipment’s, different types of inputs and materials in addition to their provision of practical oriented capacity building trainings for Instructors They have great role in solving resource limitations that the Department would face which consequently affects quality of the training delivery.