About Building Electrical Installation

The Building Electrical Installation Department Holeta polytechnic College invites you to get to know our outstanding staff and current students to become familiar with our programs in the Building Electrical Installation. Our department programs integrate science, practice, and innovation to serve the immediate needs of Building industries.

An electrical Installation is agroup of items of electrical equipment that are permanently electrically Connected together and can be Supplied with Electricity from the work of an electricity entity or from generating Source.

Our commitment is to educate/train/ trainee’s having knowledge, skills and right attitude which make them competent in real world and prepare students for productive and gratifying careers in Building Electrical Installation, and the diverse areas of Building Electrical Installation business and industry.

Graduates of our program are knowledgeable about sustainable Building Electrical Installation practices that also ensure Installation and well-being and stewardship of natural resources. Our graduates play key roles in meeting the employment opportunities and needs in all areas of Building Electrical Installation.

Contact Us

Contact person: Dejene Belema
Position: Head department of Building Electrical Installation
Adress: dejenebb2020@gmail.com,phone
cell: +251912787289